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What is the CH.F.C?

The Chartered Financial Consultant (CH.F.C) designation is a financial planning designation that specializes in wealth accumulation and retirement planning. A CH.F.C. designation holder is an expert in retirement planning and capital accumulation strategies.

The CH.F.C. designation is a maintained designation as educational courses for the CH.F.C. designation are currently suspended.

CH.F.C. Maintenance Requirements

CH.F.C. designation holders will be required to complete an annual continuing education (CE) requirement, pay an annual designation licensing fee, and adhere to The Institute's Code of Professional Conduct on an ongoing basis.

  • Individuals who hold the CH.F.C. designation and who also hold the CLU or CHS designation or who are members of Advocis will see no increase in their annual fees or CE requirements.
  • Individuals who wish to continue holding the CH.F.C. designation, but do not fall into one of the Association's existing categories (CLU or CHS designation holder or Advocis member), will be subject to an annual designation licensing fee and CE requirement. The CH.F.C. fee is $92 for the 2017 year with an annual CE requirement of 10 CE credits.

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All CH.F.C. designation holders will be required to uphold The Institute's Code of Professional Conduct.

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Code of Professional Conduct (CPC)

Institute designation holders must adhere to the highest standards of professionalism, and abide by a strict Code of Professional Conduct. Allegations of unprofessional conduct are investigated using a disciplinary process based on peer-review principles.

The Institute Code of Professional Conduct (CPC) sets out a list of principles that a designation holder is expected to abide by in his or her business activities, and in his or her liaison between clients and suppliers of insurance, and/or financial products or services.

Explanatory notes also exist to provide a more in-depth explanation of each principle within The Institute Code of Professional Conduct (CPC).

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