The Institute

What is the PFA?

The Professional Financial Advisor (PFA) is a designation geared towards newer financial advisors looking to develop the foundational knowledge and practical experience necessary for a successful financial advising practice.

What it does

The PFA focuses on the three key elements of a successful financial planning practice: practice development, technical knowledge, and compliance & ethics.

The PFA provides advisors with practice-based training in a real-world business environment.

Maximize Business Potential

The PFA is guaranteed to help newer advisors get a successful head start, right from the start. Obtaining a PFA gives newer advisors a significant advantage by not only building a stronger foundation of technical knowledge, but acquiring the necessary business acumen that will prove invaluable in building a successful practice.

PFA Program Overview

The PFA program focuses on three key competencies:

  1. Practice Development
    • Client Relationship Cycle
    • Preparation, Needs Analysis & Advice Delivery
    • Prospecting & Marketing
    • Business Planning & Management
  2. Technical Knowledge
    • Financial Planning Foundations
    • Taxation and Investment Planning
    • Retirement Income Planning
  3. Compliance & Ethics
    • Regulatory Process & Framework
    • Compliance Guidelines
    • Consumer Protection
    • Common Law Principles
    • Best Practices & Professional Standards
    • Ethics & The Code of Professional Conduct
Advanced Launch Program

The advanced launch of the PFA designation program has begun. Registration is now closed. The full two-year PFA designation program will be available to all members and non-members March 2020. Members enrolled in the advanced program will be asked to provide feedback, which will help The Institute refine the program for the official, public launch.

More information to come