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Consumers can use the Find a Practitioner search to locate Institute designation holders who work in their community. Designation holders in good standing who wish to be presented to the public are listed on Find a Practitioner and may also offer a customized introduction.

The Institute makes this resource available to help the public find a professional financial advisor in their area who will assist individual or small business owners with their financial needs. Any other use of this resource is strictly forbidden.

Find an Institute designation holder who is located in your community.

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Find an Practitioner will return a maximum of 150 names. You can narrow down your search for an practitioner by entering information in additional search fields.

  • Searches are not case-sensitive.
  • Must choose at lease two search criteria: Province and one other field
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  • Partial entry is allowed to broaden your Search: (For example, Smith = sm)
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Refine your Search by selecting additional criteria
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The online search will also contain contact information for those designation holders who chose to provide an online profile. The online Find a Practitioner search will only confirm whether or The Institute designation holder is in good standing with The Institute. Where a designation holder has not maintained their Institute designation in good standing with The Institute, they will not appear in the search function.

The Institute for Advanced Financial Education (The Institute), a wholly owned subsidiary of Advocis, is responsible for the administration of the Disciplinary Procedures for Advocis members and Institute designation holders. The Institute investigates all allegations of unprofessional conduct regarding Institute designation holders. The Institute does not seek monetary compensation on behalf of consumers for any financial loss suffered during a client-advisor relationship with an Institute designation holder. The Institute and Advocis have no authority to strip an advisor of their license to practice and sell product; this is the responsibility of industry and provincial regulators. For more information on the Disciplinary Procedures Institute designation holders are subject to, please visit

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